Draw2D 0.9.2 released

Feature added: New example RoundCorner Figure

Feature added: New example Digital Circuit Simulator

Bug fixed: Remove some bugs related to the namespace migration of the library

Bug fixed: Replacement of the class Image with ImageFigure (depends on some IE problems)

Draw2D 0.8.9 released

Feature added: New method Workflow.setEnableSmoothFigureHandling(/*:boolean*/ flag).

Feature added: Change Demo FlowMenu to demonstrate the setEnableSmoothFigureHandling(...) method.

Draw2D 0.8.6 released

Feature added: Update ConnectorDecoration example

Feature added: VectorFigure now a subclass of Node. So - the class can have ports too.

Feature added: Performance improvement during DragDrop of objects.

Feature added: Adding new method Annotation.setStyledText(/*:String*/ htmlText).

Feature added: Adding new method Port.setHiddenIfConnected(/*:boolean*/ flag) (only for test purpose at the moment).

Feature added: Add the [x,y] coords to the MenuItem execute method. (see the workflow_contextmenu example).

Draw2D 0.8 released

Feature added: Adding SnapToGeometry feature to the workflow canvas (cool).

Feature added: New example for the SnapToGeometry feature.

Bug fixed: Exception if a user drag&drop an InputPort to an InputPort.

Draw2D 0.7.8 released

Feature added: Demo to show the usage of a ToggleButton.