Draw2D 0.9.22 released

Bug fixed: Unable to delete Lines and/or Connections without javascript error. Instance variable parent not set for line and connection

Draw2D 0.9.15 released (unstable)

This is the first tech. preview of the MVC (Model, View, Controller) pattern in Draw2D.
Unfortunately I must merge Controller with the View to be backward compatible. Inspect the new demo "mvc" in the download package. But be in mind: It is only a draft at the moment.
Feature added: XMLSerializer, XMLDeserializer with AbstractObjectModel, AbstractConnectionModel
Feature added: First demo of the MVC (Model View Controll) API in draw2d
Feature added: Click on a child (e.g. a Label) of a Connection will select the connection itself
Feature added: Rename class Document to CanvasDocument. Name conflict with FF 3.0
Feature added: Rename class Window to WindowFigure. Name conflict with FF 3.0
Feature added: Integration of xmlsax.js and xmlw3cdom.js
Feature added: New class UUID
Feature added: All figures and lines now use the new UUID class
Feature added: New Method Line.setDefaultCoronaWidth
Feature added: New Method Figure.prototype.createCommand. Application developer can now override this method to return it's
own implementation of a Move, Delete, Connect, Reconnect ...command.
Feature added: Rename class Window to WindowFigure. Name conflict with FF 3.0
Feature added: New Method Figure.setModel. More information in the MVC demo application
Feature added: New Method Line.setModel. More information in the MVC demo application
Feature added: New Method Line.setProperties, Line.getProperties
Feature added: New Methods Line.setId and Figure.setId which set the unique Id of the element
Bug fixed: Fixing Javascript error during undo a connection delete if the connection has an child.

Draw2D 0.9.8 released

Feature added: Adding ConnectionAnchor, ChopboxConnectionAnchor helper classes for Connection endpoint manipulation.

Feature added: New Demo for ConnectionAnchor demo.

Feature added: Starting a new subproject for common used figures. A Shape Library.

Draw2D 0.9.7 released

Feature added: Adding Locator, ConnectionLocator, ManhattenMidpointLocator helper classes for adding labels to a Connection figure.

Feature added: New Demo for labeling a connection.

Draw2D 0.9.4 released

Bug fixed: Connection was dragable. This make no sense.

Draw2D 0.8.6 released

Feature added: Update ConnectorDecoration example

Feature added: VectorFigure now a subclass of Node. So - the class can have ports too.

Feature added: Performance improvement during DragDrop of objects.

Feature added: Adding new method Annotation.setStyledText(/*:String*/ htmlText).

Feature added: Adding new method Port.setHiddenIfConnected(/*:boolean*/ flag) (only for test purpose at the moment).

Feature added: Add the [x,y] coords to the MenuItem execute method. (see the workflow_contextmenu example).

Draw2D 0.8.5 released

Feature added: Adding ConnectionDecorator interface. Usefull for arrow, circle or any decoration on a Connection

Feature added: Adding ArrowConnectionDecorator example implementation

Feature added: Adding Arrow Connection Decorator example in the demo area

Bug fixed: Check the canDrag flag for the Window class too

Draw2D 0.8.3 released

Feature added: Adding ConnectionRouter interface class and ManhattanConnectionRouter, NullConnectionRouter and FanConnectionRouter implementation.

Feature added: Adding example for the connection router usage

Draw2D 0.7.14 released

Feature added: Adding new method Workflow.setPanning(/*:boolean*/ flag) to enable/disable panning of the workflow canvas.
Feature added: New demo which demostrates the usage of an Vector Arrow Connector

Draw2D 0.7.11 released

Feature added: Adding ContextMenu API for Workflow Canvas.

Feature added: Adding ContextMenu Example for Workflow Canvas.

Draw2D 0.7.10 released

Feature added: Demo application to show how to create a Connection via API call.