Draw2D touch version 4.1.0 released

+ removed deprecated method Line.getStartX, getStartY, getEndX, getEndY
+ fixing bug. Call of Line.setGlow(true) ends with invisible line.
+ set ResizeHandles opacity to 0.2 during drag&drop operation to show the border of the shape or line of connection instead of the ResizeHandle. Better for precision alignment.
+ new method Figure.setKeepAspectRation and Figure.getKeepAspectRatio to guarantee, that the figure width/height will not be distorted.
+ undo of Line move operation didn't update resize handles of the line. fixed.
+ add Cut&Paste Operation to the "Shape Designer". This is the first step for a global cut&past in Draw2D. Use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
+ new method Figure.clone() to support cut&paste in the canvas. Not tested for Nodes at the moment.
+ new element in the "Designer" : PolyLine.
+ new "filter" for position modification in the ShapeDesigner
+ Hide decorations and ports during drag&drop if the FadeOutDecorationPolicy is installed.
+ set method "Figure.isStrechable" to deprecated and redirect the call to Figure.getKeepAspectRatio.
+ copy of a transparent draw2d.util.Color didn't work. Fixed
+ ResizeHandle use the BackgroundColor instead of the hard coded color gradient. Adapt the color is now possible.
+ update the cursor of a resize handle correct (cursor:default) if the corresponding shape isn't resizeable.
+ move the settings of the ResizeHandle colors into the Configuration.js file.