Draw2D touch version 4.0.3 released

This is a "spring-clean" release with a big new demo
app called „designer“. This app is a candidate
to be a Draw2D designer for new shapes. Currently it is complete new way how to use Draw2D.

+ fixing corrupt reading of InteractiveManhattenRouter serialized data. Manual routed connection restored correct.
+ Storage provider for the TideSDK HTML Desktop App framework. You can now load/save data with this StorageProvider from your local disc if you run in the TideSDK Window

First release of the Draw2D Designer as full desktop application for the Mac OSX. The job has been done with the TideSDK Framework. You can convert any Draw2D application into a desktop application with full filesystem access within minutes.

+ first implementation of an interactive MannhattanConnection router. see example connection_router.
+ apply the correct SelectionFeedbackPolicy if the router changed for a connection/polyline
+ new CommandMoveVertices to support undo/redo for dragDrop of a connection/polyline
+ apply the opacity of a SetFigure to all child nodes.
+ new method Label.getPadding
+ Rename all "Junction*" naming to "vertex".
+ add PolygonFigure with editable vertices.
+ new demo app "Painter" with bootstrapJS, jQueryUI, jQuery-Layout, mousetrap, jsts for polygon UNION, INTERSECTION and DIFFERENCE operations.
+ rename Line.basePoint to Line.vertices
+ return the label of the first command in a CommandCollection if only one command is in.
+ Check if the containing commands in a CommandCollection returns the same label and return them instead the all purpose label "Execute Commands".

+ new package "draw2d.storage" which will contains future implementations of backend bindings
+ GoogleDrive storage implementation. It is now possible to save/load a canvas to a GoogleDrive account
+ new method ArrayList.unique, ArrayList.map
+ new callback "Line.onClick" method
+ fixing wrong calculation in the Port#hitTest method. Ports can now be select much better for DragDrop operation
+ add setter and getter for the diameter or radius to the Circle figure
+ remove the reset of the stroke-width=1 of a child elements in the "SetFigure"
+ starting new example for dynamic shapes of an UML diagram
+ fixing the PNG export. Wrong calculation of Label offset, gradient lost,..May this is the first release which dropped the IE8 support for the PNG export.
+ new method Canvas.showDecoration and Canvas.hideDecoration called during the export of an PNG to have an hook to hide grind, ruler,...from the export.
+ new method ArrayList.map to translate all items in the array to a new array.
+ new method Figure.removeFigure to remove children shapes from a figure
+ remove duplicate registration of ports in the Canvas
+ fixing wrong numeric check in Raphael.fn.polygon. Now coordinates with 0/0 are not ignored anymore.