Exciting new project on track

Verside is a very popular and mature Open Source HTML5 and PHP application which allows you to easily create a highly customizable database front-end/application without coding.

You can use it to create in a few minutes a very basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) database front-end or to develop a more sophisticated database application. No programming skills are needed to use it; if however you are a PHP programmer with
Verside you can save tens of hours of work.

+ for iPad, Chrome, FireFox, Safari
+ build with PHP, jQuery, CodeIgniter, Doctrine
+ just drag-and-drop customizable (on iPad too)
+ new and more elegant
+ Sourcecode on Github
+ hassle-free installation on your WebSite
+ PHP App Installer on Github

See more on Github ( GPL license, free and source code available )