Draw2D 0.9.23 released

Bug fixed: Example RoundFigure doesn't initialize member variables outputport and inputport.
Bug fixed: Unable to open contextmenu of an connection if the connection is above a draw2d.Figure.
Bug fixed: Figure.setAlpha didn't  work proper if you are using workflow.setEnableSmoothFigureHandling(true);

Draw2D 0.9.22 released

Bug fixed: Unable to delete Lines and/or Connections without javascript error. Instance variable parent not set for line and connection

Draw2D 0.9.20 released

Bug fixed: Demo uml did not work
Bug fixed: Instance variable not initialized for shape.uml.Figure and shape.uml.Class

Draw2D 0.9.19 released

Main target of this release is to be compatible with jQuery, prototype.js and IE8.
Additional some API has been changed . No more the JavaScript Array ([]) as return type. I'm using the internal ArrayList. Reason: prototype.js did change the buildin Array type and I don't want change the hole library to be compatible with prototype.
Additional I use javascript LINT and I have change a LOT of code to remove the lint erros/warnings.