Draw2D 0.9.17 released

Bug fixed: Corrupt build for the single file version. Missing class CommandMovePort

Draw2D 0.9.15 released (unstable)

This is the first tech. preview of the MVC (Model, View, Controller) pattern in Draw2D.
Unfortunately I must merge Controller with the View to be backward compatible. Inspect the new demo "mvc" in the download package. But be in mind: It is only a draft at the moment.
Feature added: XMLSerializer, XMLDeserializer with AbstractObjectModel, AbstractConnectionModel
Feature added: First demo of the MVC (Model View Controll) API in draw2d
Feature added: Click on a child (e.g. a Label) of a Connection will select the connection itself
Feature added: Rename class Document to CanvasDocument. Name conflict with FF 3.0
Feature added: Rename class Window to WindowFigure. Name conflict with FF 3.0
Feature added: Integration of xmlsax.js and xmlw3cdom.js
Feature added: New class UUID
Feature added: All figures and lines now use the new UUID class
Feature added: New Method Line.setDefaultCoronaWidth
Feature added: New Method Figure.prototype.createCommand. Application developer can now override this method to return it's
own implementation of a Move, Delete, Connect, Reconnect ...command.
Feature added: Rename class Window to WindowFigure. Name conflict with FF 3.0
Feature added: New Method Figure.setModel. More information in the MVC demo application
Feature added: New Method Line.setModel. More information in the MVC demo application
Feature added: New Method Line.setProperties, Line.getProperties
Feature added: New Methods Line.setId and Figure.setId which set the unique Id of the element
Bug fixed: Fixing Javascript error during undo a connection delete if the connection has an child.

Draw2D 0.9.14 released

Unfortunately the API has been broken at some methods. I return sometimes Object or Array as associative map or vector. This bring my in trouble in combination with my slutty coding and the integration of the 3rd party lib mootools and moocanvas. I this case I have changed all methods which returns an Array to draw2d.ArrayList This is an additional effort for you - sorry. Old style coding
var lines = workflow.getDocument().getLines();
for(key in lines)
var line = lines[key];


var lines = workflow.getDocument().getLines();
for(var i=0;i {
var line = lines[i];
New style:
var lines = workflow.getDocument().getLines();
for(var i=0;i{
var line = lines.get(i);
Feature added: Changing return values from Array to draw2d.ArrayList
Feature added: integration mootools and moocanvas.
Feature added: New example (owndraw) which creates an SVG figure
Bug fixed: Lot of small and ugly bugs

Draw2D 0.9.13 released

Feature added: new method Label.getText

Feature added: fixing some JavascriptDoc errors

Bug fixed: workflow.getDocument().getLines() returns each line twice.

Bug fixed: Label connection decoration error when connection moved (set innerHTML=""). Text of the label disapears.

Draw2D 0.9.12 released

Feature added: CommandStack listener for better client - server synchronisation.

Feature added: New Example for the CommandStack listener.

Bug fixed: Ugly performance leak for InternetExplorer fixed. Seen in ConnectionLabel example.

Draw2D 0.9.11 released

Bug fixed: Memory leak fixed if a user deletes a object with ports.

Bug fixed: Reconnect of ports now work if a connection use an AnchorLocator.