Draw2D 0.9.10 released

Feature added: Color.darker(/*:float*/ ratio).

Feature added: Color.brighter(/*:float*/ ratio).

Bug fixed: Wrong cursors for the ResizeHandles.

Draw2D 0.9.9 released

Feature added: CompartmentFigure now a subclass of Node. You can now add Ports to the CompartmentFigure.

Draw2D 0.9.8 released

Feature added: Adding ConnectionAnchor, ChopboxConnectionAnchor helper classes for Connection endpoint manipulation.

Feature added: New Demo for ConnectionAnchor demo.

Feature added: Starting a new subproject for common used figures. A Shape Library.

Draw2D 0.9.7 released

Feature added: Adding Locator, ConnectionLocator, ManhattenMidpointLocator helper classes for adding labels to a Connection figure.

Feature added: New Demo for labeling a connection.

Draw2D 0.9.6 released

Feature added: Adding Workflow.showTooltip(..)

Feature added: New Demo for tooltip handling

Draw2D 0.9.5 released

Bug fixed: Wrong Figure.onMouseEnter Figure.onMouseLeave Event Handling.

Feature added: Adding onMouseEnter onMouseLeave Demo

Draw2D 0.9.4 released

Bug fixed: Connection was dragable. This make no sense.

Draw2D 0.9.3 released

Feature added: Lines (not Connections) now draggable

Draw2D 0.9.2 released

Feature added: New example RoundCorner Figure

Feature added: New example Digital Circuit Simulator

Bug fixed: Remove some bugs related to the namespace migration of the library

Bug fixed: Replacement of the class Image with ImageFigure (depends on some IE problems)

Draw2D 0.9 released

Feature added: Adding new method Workflow.setViewPort()

Feature added: Adding namespace support for all Draw2D classes (see in the download zip archiv)

Feature added: ExtJS UI integration

Feature added: Refactoring the Draw2D core. Reason: Be compatible with prototype, jQuery,....

Draw2D 0.8.9 released

Feature added: New method Workflow.setEnableSmoothFigureHandling(/*:boolean*/ flag).

Feature added: Change Demo FlowMenu to demonstrate the setEnableSmoothFigureHandling(...) method.

Draw2D 0.8.8 released

Feature added: New methods Workflow.moveFront(/*:Figure*/figure) and Workflow.moveBack(/*:Figure*/figure).

Feature added: New Demo FlowMenu to demonstrate the moveBack(..) and moveFront(..) method.

Draw2D 0.8.7 released

Feature added: New missing method Document.getLines.

Feature added: Extended selection listener.

Draw2D 0.8.6 released

Feature added: Update ConnectorDecoration example

Feature added: VectorFigure now a subclass of Node. So - the class can have ports too.

Feature added: Performance improvement during DragDrop of objects.

Feature added: Adding new method Annotation.setStyledText(/*:String*/ htmlText).

Feature added: Adding new method Port.setHiddenIfConnected(/*:boolean*/ flag) (only for test purpose at the moment).

Feature added: Add the [x,y] coords to the MenuItem execute method. (see the workflow_contextmenu example).

Draw2D 0.8.5 released

Feature added: Adding ConnectionDecorator interface. Usefull for arrow, circle or any decoration on a Connection

Feature added: Adding ArrowConnectionDecorator example implementation

Feature added: Adding Arrow Connection Decorator example in the demo area

Bug fixed: Check the canDrag flag for the Window class too

Draw2D 0.8.4 released

Feature added: Adding BezierConnectionRouter for a smooth line routing.

Bug fixed: Wrong cursor handling in setPanning enforce a corrupt cursor in IE

Bug fixed: Implement required function Line.getZOrder();

Feature added: Refresh the port if the UI representation has been changed.

Draw2D 0.8.3 released

Feature added: Adding ConnectionRouter interface class and ManhattanConnectionRouter, NullConnectionRouter and FanConnectionRouter implementation.

Feature added: Adding example for the connection router usage

Draw2D 0.8.2 released

Feature added: Adding onDoubleClick() method to Connection and Line.

Feature added: Adding getContextMenu() method to Connection and Line.

Draw2D 0.8.1 released

Bug fixed: Fixing "glue" behaviour if the use drop a figure outside the window..

Feature added: Adding optional x,y parameter to the Workflow.setToolWindow method.

Draw2D 0.8 released

Feature added: Adding SnapToGeometry feature to the workflow canvas (cool).

Feature added: New example for the SnapToGeometry feature.

Bug fixed: Exception if a user drag&drop an InputPort to an InputPort.

Draw2D 0.7.15 released

Bug fixed: Resize handles doesn't update if the dimension/location of an object changed with an API call.

Draw2D 0.7.14 released

Feature added: Adding new method Workflow.setPanning(/*:boolean*/ flag) to enable/disable panning of the workflow canvas.
Feature added: New demo which demostrates the usage of an Vector Arrow Connector

Draw2D 0.7.13 released

Feature added: Adding new method Line.getLength().

Feature added: Adding new method Line.getAngle().

Feature added: Adding demo for an own draw ArrowLine.

Draw2D 0.7.12 released

Feature added: Adding new method Port.getCoronaWidth() and Port.setCoronaWidth(/*:int*/ value). This improved the create connection behaviour. Create a connection via drag&drop to see the changes.

Draw2D 0.7.11 released

Feature added: Adding ContextMenu API for Workflow Canvas.

Feature added: Adding ContextMenu Example for Workflow Canvas.

Draw2D 0.7.10 released

Feature added: Demo application to show how to create a Connection via API call.

Draw2D 0.7.9 released

Bug fixed: Fixing the missing alpha blending in the InternetExplorer (Thanks to 'floyed')

Bug fixed: Removed ugly dotted selection line in FireFox.

Bug fixed: Switch to alpha blending if you really move a figure. Don't show the alpha blending if the user click on a figure.

Feature added: Add new method Figure.setCanSnapToHelper(/*:boolean*/ flag). Useful for a Window figure. It make no sense to snap a window to a grid.

Feature added: Add SnapToGrid feature.

Feature added: New demo for the SnapToGrid feature.

Draw2D 0.7.8 released

Feature added: Demo to show the usage of a ToggleButton.

Draw2D 0.7.7 released

Bug fixed: Wrong method signature of isLine and isConnector in Connector figure.

Feature added: Adding context menu to the Figure object.

Feature added: Demo with context menu usage.

Draw2D 0.7.6 released

Bug fixed: Selection test of a Z-Connector doesn't work propper. Z-Connector use the hit test of a normal line

Bug fixed: CommandAdd doesn't reconnect a Connection in the undo method.

Bug fixed: Missing call of Connection.disconnect if a Connection remove from the canvas. This enforce a exception.

Bug fixed: Missig include in demo application z-connector.

Feature added: Adding method setZOrder to the Line figure.

Feature added: Adding method isLine and isConnector to Figure and Line. Required for own Line/connection implementation.

Draw2D 0.7.5 released

Feature added: Add ports to the ResizeImage example.

Bug fixed: Wrong method signature in ResizeImage.isResizeable() example.

Bug fixed: Node.setColor(null) cause an exception. Now you can hands over null to set the border transparent.

Draw2D 0.7.4 released

Bug fixed: Missing imports in the example applications.

Bug fixed: Adding missing jsDoc.

Draw2D 0.7.3 released

Bug fixed: Undefined Object in the CommandDelete if the figure has no ports.

Feature added: Add a Button figure to the GUI-Painter example.

Draw2D 0.7.2 released

Feature added: Add setZOrderBaseIndex method to Port, Figure, Connection, Window to modify the base z-order of the elements.

Draw2D 0.7.1 released

Bug fixed: Error during undo/redo of an figure delete operation.
Bug fixed: Connection not delete if a correponding node will be deleted.
Feature added: Add method Connection.setDeletable(/*:boolean*/flag) and Connection.setSelectable(/*:boolean*/flag).
Feature added: Change of build process. Added compress, single and normal distribution.

Draw2D 0.7.0 released

Feature added: Add new example for XML export.
Feature added: Add CompartmentFigure with corresponding example.