Draw2D touch version 6.0.0 (Beta) released

Be aware that the version changed from 5.x.x to 6.x.x. This means that some incompatible changes are part of this release. May you must adapt your code if you are want to use this release.

changing the "on("select",function)" event signature. "figure" is now part of an event parameter instead of a single callback argument. Incompatible changes to version 5.x.x
+ all "changes:" contains now the value in the event object
+ new DraggableLocator and sample for. You can now Drag&Drop labels as well
+ fixing typo in "InteractiveManhattanConnectionRouter". "undefinied" -> "undefined"
+ fixing "jitter" zoom in/out with mouse wheel
+ fixing several JSDoc issues
+ new demo for changing figure representation during zoom in/out
+ fixing broken InteractiveManhattanRouter. Broken start/end if shape is moved
+ new method required callback method Locator.bind/Locator.unbind
+ changing "zoom" and "zoomed" event parameter from factor -> value
+ new Layout figure "StackLayout".
+ fadeOut/fadeIN option in the "setVisible" method of all shapes
+ fixing broken toBack method for sets in the raphael implementation
+ new sample for StackLayout. Click and show the next fixure within the stack
+ add getter/setter for SVGFigure. Now you can change the SVG during figure live time
+ canvas fires new events: zoom, zoomed, removed