Draw2D touch version 2.5.0 released

+ fixing SVG text import on Chrome, FF19 and IE9
+ support font-family in SVG text import
+ new method to force a routing direction for a Hub/fulcrum shape.
+ remove fixed coded background color of the ports with the correct color which has
been set via Figure.setBackgroundColor(..)
+ change the cursor for the resize handles related to the resize behaviour.
+ Automatic add add a Connection to the current selection if source and target are part
of the new selection. (only in the selection handling of the BoundingboxSelectionPolicy)
+ apply the font-size to all text element inherit from SVGFigure
- parse the "tspan" node and children of "text" node within the SVG import of SVGFigure
+ new Canvas decoration/policy. draw2d.policy.canvas.ShowGridEditPolicy
Just to paint a nice looking grid on the background of the canvas
+ new method Label.setBold(flag) to set the font-weight of a label.
+ new Router MazeRouter and SketchRouter
+ respect the z-oder of the shapes during the hit test. Return always the top most element
if shapes are stack at the hit test position.