Draw2D touch version 4.6.0 released

+ some performance improvements in the FanConnectionRouter
+ consider the "radius" for the corner rendering in the FanConnectionRouter.
+ fixing wrong return value in CircleDecoration. "paint" must return a raphael.set instead of a simple shape.
+ fire missing event "disconnect" if a connection is deleted. This is required for "conflict" router like FanConnectionRouter of FanConnectionAnchor.
+ new method Canvas.addSelection for single shapes or draw2d.util.ArrayList
+ class draw2d.io.Reader returns now the added elements as result array.
+ new example "io_json_multi_document" shows how to load two or more JSON documents into the canvas without clear it before.
+ fixing documentation bugs regarding wrong inheritance declaration..
+ new example "io_png_crop". Export the canvas area that actually has objects in it to a PNG..cropping
+ fire routing update event if the anchor of an port has been changed.
+ new example connection_anchor_fan to demonstrate parallel connections with the combination of an FanConnectionAnchor an DirectRouter