Draw2D touch version 6.1.42 released

+ new event canvas.on("unselect",...) to track the selection handling cleaner
+ provide getter for color of the Line in the attr method
+ patch wrong event handling in state diagram example
+ avoid override of already set values for line-cap in PolyLine
+ check that a canvas is available before access the shape element to avoid exception during complex delete operation
+ provide factory method that inherit JSON reader can patch the figure creation process
+ adapt class name to provide a valid CSS name for styling via less/css
+ add shiftKey/ctrlKey to the dragging method of the policy
+ add flag to ignore children movement for a raft
+ disable snapToGrid if more than on element is selected
+ provide headless canvas for browser less JSON data read/write
+ remove duplicate event notifications if a connection is deleted
+ implement SmartDraggableLocator
+ provide mouse move, mounter, mouse leave events for the canvas as well.