Draw2D touch version 2.3.4 released

+ remove hard coded maxFanOut=1 from the port.
+ hide the selection feedback and ports on the first load of the canvas.
+ more stable SVG import parser. Switch from "Regular Expression" parsing to native DOM.
This is a major change - please inspect your application of compatibility!
+ wrong label chaining in some Commands.
+ change the order of the event receiver detection. First of all all children of a shape are check, after
the the figure itself can receive the event. This is major changes. please check your application of compatibility.
+ Fix IE9 PNG export issue.
+ new demo for LabelEditor of a child shape of a normal rectangle. ( examples/interaction_labeledit_inplace )
+ new node Type draw2d.shape.node.Fulcrum for a hidden single port base point
+ delete the connection direction calculation from the connection to the port
+ fixing direction calculation and implement smarter routing behavior for ManhattanRouter
+ fixing broken Rectangel.determineOctant calculation with forces sometimes a bad routing behavior.
+ paint connections/lines in a way to avoid subpixel calculation if the line stroke y2 pixel
(cleaner render of the connection with out any blur/transparent effect)
+ avoid VML/text selection during drag&drop of an VML element on IE8
+ reduce routing calculation. noticeable performance improvement on IE8.
+ fixing bug during drag&drop of a connected port. Avoid connection following or already
connected lines.
+ fixing broken backgroundColor on IE8 for the draw2d.shape.analog.OpAmp element
+ change layout event for ports. Add this to the repaint method instead of a seperate logic.
Avoid sometimes port layout errors after loading JSON model into the canvas.
+ fixing broken connection decoration. Decorations are misplaced (always at [0,0] )