Graphiti 1.0.0 released

+ new method: Figure.setVisible
+ ATTENTION: drop single file include and replace with package loader.
+ fixing the connection decoration. In the past the decoration hasn't been remove of the connection deleted.
+ Add new package "graphiti.shape.icon" with 225 icons
+ new demo page with the new 225 icons
+ new shape "graphiti.shape.basic.Image"
+ new shape "graphiti.shape.node.Hub"
+ new shape "graphiti.shape.node.HorizontalBus"
+ new shape "graphiti.shape.node.VerticalBus"
+ new connection decoration "graphiti.decoration.connection.BarDecorator"
+ ATTENTION: changed the load and init of the graphiti lib. Inspect the examples how to load and init the graphiti.
+ ATTENTION: switch to jQuery 1.8.1 and jQueryUI 1.8.23
+ change method VectorFigure.getLineWidth => VectorFigure.getStroke
+ new method Port.setMaxFanOut/Port.getMaxFanOut to limit the numbers of connections for ports.
+ ATTENTION: change signature of the method Figure.onDragEnter. This method didn't return true/false anymore. Return null/graphiti.Figure instead