Draw2D touch version 5.3.3 released

+ attributes not applied/set to a label figure if it has been removed and added again to the canvas - fixed.
+ new events fired for "dragstart", "dragend", "mouseenter" and "mouseleave" for figures, resize handles and ports
+ "growing" ports during connecting two ports is solved.
+ fire events "connect" and "disconnect" on ports if a connection is deleted
+ add "padding" to the horizontal and vertical layout shape
+ fixing "gap" calculation in horizontal layout
+ invoke missing layout recalculation if a child->child element has changed the dimension.
+ add "margin" as attr property to the LeftLocator/RightLocator constructor to drive the distance between child and parent.
+ move Connection.insetPoint method to new draw2d.geo.Util scope
+ fixing rendering problem in the "Polygon" element. The rendering is always "one behind" the mouse movement.
+ new example. Show how to implement a port decoration which can be toggled off/on by the user.