Draw2D touch version 5.0.1 released

+ fade ports softly in/out if they are out of reach in the draw2d.policy.canvas.CoronaDecorationPolicy instead a simple show/hide
+ fixing broken delete of a connection via keyboard
+ refactor the CommandDelete class and support now the delete operation of child figures with connections and ports (see example with DBTable.js)
+ refactor example DBTable and simplify the structure of the shape and cleanup the API
+ fix Figure.clone method with child shapes
+ extend the DBTable example with new UI and the possibility to remove/add entities
+ new policy draw2d.policy.canvas.ConnectionInterceptorPolicy which is responsible to all connection stuff. connect/unconnect/reconnect/drop,...
+ fixing "alpha/opacity" bug if a shape is dragged outside the window.
+ better calculation of the line break in the Text.js shape
+ move the "alpha" handling out of the Figure into a DragDropPolicy.
+ adapt the "connection_drop" example to the new interceptor policy pattern
+ delegate all Figure.onDragStart" methods to the new InterceptorPolicy
+ adjust the ResizeHandles correct if a figures has a width/height constraint.
+ a lot of js-doc fixes
+ some minor code refactoring
+ change the internal build system/server.....but still using "ant"
+ move the "radius" attribute from "Polygon" to the more generic figure "VectorFigure"
+ save the "dasharray" attribute of the Rectangle.js to the persistent attributes
+ save the "dasharray" attribute of the Line.js to the persistent attributes
+ new canvas policy for "lazy" drag&drop operation. draw2d.policy.canvas.GhostMoveSelectionPolicy
+ add new method Canvas.add/Canvas.remove and deprecate Canvas.addFigure/Canvas.removeFigure
+ add new method Figure.add/Figure.remove and deprecate Figure.addFigure/Figure.removeFigure
+ fixing bug in the gap/bridge calculation for the router if a shape is moved
+ new methods Figure.on/Figure.off for event registration like "move", "select", "resize", "click",...
+ new methods Canvas.on/Canvas.off
+ remove methods Canvas.addSelectionListener/Canvas.removeSelectionListener. replaced with Canvas.on("select", function(emitter, figure){...});
+ remove methods Figure.addMoveListener/Figure.removeMoveListener . Replaced with Figure.on("move", function( emitter){...});
+ fixing bug in SetFigure.toFront / SetFigure.toBack
+ enhance the JS Documentation with a lot more inline examples
+ performance improvements during drag&drop related to the changed event handling
+ better connection handling in ports. Don't determine connections for every call.
+ cleanup internal and unused shape variables
+ fixing clash between Circle.radius and VectorFigure.radius during read/write from JSON.
+ improve performance for GridEditPolicy. Use inmemory generated GIF instead hundreds of SVG lines
+ fixing Label boundigBox calculation if a property changed. The ports are not relocated in the past.
+ performance improvements in the "Layout" shape.
+ fixing broken import of special formated "text" in the SVGFigure