Draw2D touch version 6.1.66 released

+ add example for flyout menu for figures. Shown when shape is selected (example/../.policy_selectionmenu)
+ change inheritance for SelectionFeedbackPolicy. Adding new base class SelectionPolicy.
+ remove duplicates events if a shape is deleted. "unselect" is fired even if the elements isn't selected
+ fix broken SingleSelection strategie. Drag&Drop of an port of an selected shape isn'T possible.
+ add missing attribute "NAME"
+ fix missing function reference in canvg.js file
+ build minified version "core" of draw2d
+ add new line to the JS comment template for correct JS minifierer bug
+ add label to connection to show more decorations in JSON loading
+ fix broken JSON for state diagram
+ consider the visible flag during shape creation
+ uninstall EditPolicy in the figure by name
+ fire en change event if the user set some "userData" by path annotation instead of update the complete userData object. partial changes should fire the event too
+ force an userData object if the "attire" method is called as getter with a userData JSON path