Draw2D touch now supports group/ungroup of figures

A group is a figure that acts as a transparent container for other figures. A group is a StrongComposite node that controls a set of child figures. The bounding rectangle of a group is the union of the bounds of its children. Child nodes cannot be selected or manipulated individually.

The grouping of nodes can be performed using ready-made API.

Either by using an edit policy for the canvas and using Ctrl+G for group/ungrouping
canvas.installEditPolicy(new draw2d.policy.canvas.ExtendedKeyboardPolicy());

or binding an event to a button and call the API (with undo/redo support):
canvas.getCommandStack().execute(new draw2d.command.CommandGroup(canvas, canvas.getSelection()));

without undo/redo support:
new draw2d.command.CommandGroup(canvas, canvas.getSelection())).execute();