Draw2D touch version 2.6.0 released

+ extended callback listener for LabelEditor and LabelInplaceEditor. See the documentation for an example
+ new method Port.onConnect / Port.onDisconnect which can be overwritten to handle connection activities.
+ fix a bug in the SlimSelectionFeedbackPolicy
+ performance shortcut for draw2d.policy.port.IntrusivePortsFeedbackPolicy and avoid Connection reroute if we
Drag&Drop a related port. Broken painting.
+ first draft of a horizontal and vertical Layoutmanager which can hold different kind of children shapes
+ enable method chaining for ConnectionDecorator.setColor, setBackgroundColor and setDimension.
+ fixing error in ConnectionDecorator. "Color" isn't used at all.
+ add CSS like color string as valid parameter type for ConnectionDecorator.setColor and ConnectionDecorator.setBackgroundColor
+ enable all setter methods for Colors to accept CSS #rrggbb strings as well.
+ fixing selection handling bug in BoundingBoxSelectionPolicy if a draw2d.shape.basic.Line is part of the canvas